PORTech E1 GSM Channel BANK

Product ID: DMT

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Dmt accepts incoming call from e1/t1 pri and choose one GSM channel to dial out according to the prefix of the destination mobile number. In this way, we can have least cost routing.
  • isdn pri interface:
    • 1 port
  • gsm interface:
    • 31 ports
  • optional external sce-900
    • Sce-900 connects dmt via rs-232
  • Expands SIM card upto 32 pieces per GSM channel.
  • All system can expand to 992 pieces SIM cards.
  • 19-inch standard cabinet,2u
  • Height:3.5inch(8.9cm), depth:10.236inch(26cm)
    • applicable
      • applicable for telecom service providers
    • voip application
      • Gateway's e1/t1 port connects dmt's e1/t1 port
  • calling time
    • User can assign the calling time for each sheet of the SIM card. When the time runs out, system will block this GSM port, or switch to next unused SIM card (in the case that sce is installed).
  • flow direction
    • pri to GSM, you also apply GSM to pri (alternatively).
  • New Model:DMT-2
    • Additionally, we also develop dmt-2 that is e1*2, gsm*31.
  • You can apply as following.
  • 1. E1*1 in, gsm*31 and e1*1 out
  • 2. E1*2 in, gsm*31 out

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