self tapping screw

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Self tapping screws are most often used to fasten sheet metal composite materials, woods and plastics.

They have a high tensile strength value, and are durable enough to handle repetead assembly and

disassembly. There are two different kinds of self tapping screws: thread forming and thread cutting.
HEAD^$Head:Hex head,Hex washer head,Pan head, Flat head,Truss head,Oval head^#DIAMETER^$Diameter: #4-#14^#LENGTH^$Length: 3/8" - 5"^#
POINT TYPE^$Thread & Point Type: Type A,Type B,Type AB,Type 1, Type 23,Type 25,Type B,Type Hi-low, Type F^#METERIAL^$Meterial: Stainless steel;Steel C1022,C1018.^#FINISHING^$zinc plated,nickle,black phosphated,Cr+3,Cr+6.etc^#

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