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It is made of high density copper alloy with special formulations, rolled it is made of high quality low-carbon steel strip, rolled and sintered with lozenge or spherical oil indentations on surface. It is with high density, good load capacity and wear-resistance. It is used in lifting machinery, construction machinery and mining machinery etc.
standard size^$we can produce all kinds of size according to your design^#FB08G ^$FB08G is a kind of steel-lead bronze alloys based bearing which is embedded with particular formulation of solid lubricants. Owing to the high strength, high load capacity and the spirally distributed diamond type of the embedded solid lubricant, the high temperature lubricating action and wear resistant action as extraordinary exploited. The lubrication area of the bearing surface is being about 25%. This type of bearing is particularly applied in starting motor for automobiles, generators, hoisting machines, various cranes and those machines in metallurgical industry^#FB092^$FB092 bronze bushing is based on bronze CuSn8.3P0.3 and evenly distributed drilling oil hole on its body . When in assembly, oil or grease should be stored in the holes before bushing is sealed from both ends. FB092 has the advantages of abundant oil storage, easy-to-assembly, machine compactness etc .It can replace the conventional whole copper sleeves thus to save much cost. It is mostly applied under middle load, low speed such as in convey machine, hoisting machine, windlass, aligning machine etc^#FB09G^$FB09G is based bronze material and embedded with solid lubricants in its diamond or round shape pockets which are evenly distributed on its inside layers. It has almost the same performance and application condition with FB09G^#
  • Good quality^$high density, good load capacity and wear-resistance.^#cost save^$Freedom from maintenance through self-lubrication,
  • Maximum economic static and dynamic load carrying capacity,
  • Consistently low coefficient of friction,
  • No 'stick-slip',
  • It reduces vibrations and allows for quiet running,
  • Long-life and maximum economic as a result of its high resistance to wear. ^#
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