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All of our products are certified by certification body IMO_Switzerland,N.O.P. for US market and JAS for Japan market, which are certified and controlled by independent inspection companies in which no usage of any additive and chemical substances are allowed during the process of production, storing, processing and packaging in our own factory. And we are the only the Chinese company who posses the Vegan certificate from Vegan Society trademark.

As one of the world premium foodstuff manufacturer and supplier in China, BioFarms Foodstuff company is proud to offer you a large catalog of the certified products in natural, organic, specialty, ethnic and gourmet food products:

A. Organic Asian Pasta Series:
1. Wheat noodle (Udon, Somen)
2. Buckwheat noodle /Soba (Lomein, Somen)
3. Greentea buckwheat noodle
4. Whole wheat noodle (Lomein, Somen)
5. Brown Rice Noodle
6. Rice noodle
7. Corn noodle
8. Spinach noodle
9. Tomato noodle
10. Egg noodle
11.Celery Noodle
12.Carrot Noodle
13.Vegetable Noodle
14. Barley Noodle
There are more then 100 kinds of noodles.

B. 100% Organic Vegetarian Food Series:
100% Soybean Ingredient:
1. Soybean spaghetti
2. Soybean noodle
3. Soybean sausage
4. Soybean fish
5. Soybean chicken
6. Soybean shrimp

100% Black bean Ingredient:
Black bean spaghetti

100% Mung bean Ingredient:
Mung bean noodle
Their ingredient is 100% organic beans.

C. 100% Organic Instant Noodle Series:
1. Tomato Instant Noodle
2. Spinach Instant Noodle
3. Carrot Ginger Instant Noodle
4. Vegetable Instant Noodle
5. Garlic & Pepper Instant Noodle
6. Soba Instant Noodle
All of instant noodle are 100% organic, no preservatives, no additives, no pigment, especially without fried. Their ingredients are organic wheat and buckwheat flour.

D. Chestnut Series:
1. Roasted Chestnut Kernel-Ready to eat: without shell
2. Roasted Smiling Chestnut-Ready to eat: with shell
3. Fresh Chestnut
4. Frozen Chestnut

E. Organic & Natural Snack (Ready to eat):
1. Roasted Soybean nut
2. Roasted Black bean nut
3. Roasted green Soybean nut
4. Roasted Mini golden Pumpkin
5. Roasted Mini Sweet Potato

F. Organic Instant Soya Powder Series:
1. Natural flavour
2. Strawberry flavour
3. Coconut flovour
4. Chocolate flavour
5. Coffee flavour
6. Vanilla flavour

G. Organic Soya Sauce:
Ingredients: Organic soybean, organic wheat, pure water, natural sea salt.
QianNa organic soy sauce uses centuries-old fermentation craft, heirs of the traditional brewed skill hand down through generations. Its versatile ability to combine with harmonize and enhance the flavor of other foods-salad dressing, frying and baking. It brings rich, clean and balanced vivid flavor into your dishes

H. 100% Natural Cellophane / Vermicelli Noodle:
1. 100% Mung Bean Cellophane Noodle
2. Potato Vermicelli
3. Pea Vermicelli
4. Sweet Potato Vermicelli
5. Sweet Potato & Tomato Vermicelli
6. Ferny Root Vermicelli
7. Kudzu Root Vermicelli

I. Organic Edible Oil series:
1. Sesame oil
2. Sunflower oil
3. Canola oil
4. Soybean oil
5. Peanut oil
6. Pumpkin oil
7. Safflower oil
8. Golden Flaxseed oil
9. Apricot Kernel oil
10. Camellia oil
11. Perilla oil
12. Wheat Germ oil
100% organic and natural raw materials come from our own farm base, without any pigment and preservatives, the fragrance is rich and mellow.
There are more than 10 kinds organic oils.

J. Organic agricultural Products:
1. Cereals and grains: Hulled millet, Buckwheat kernel, Oat, Brown rice
2. Beans : Soybean ,Black bean, Adzuki bean, Mung bean
3. Seeds : Sunflower kernel, Pumpkin kernel, Sesame.

At BioFarms, all natural and organic products come from our own farms and factories, under direct and strict supervision of the certifying authorities. BioFarms food company strives continually to produce highest quality, ethnic foods and competitive price to all our clients.

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