10 pair LSA disconnection module

Product ID: JA1001

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1. The modules are compatible with KRONE LSA-PLUS modules.
2. The design of contacts basing on the principle of airtight contacting makes a completely reliable connection between the contacts and wires
3. Material of Plastic Parts: PBT-V0 UL94 or ABS-Fair-Resistant.
4. Material of Contacts Pin: Silver-plated Bronze.
5. Internal diameter of connection wire: 0. 4-0. 65 mmWe can manufacture variety of krone type module and accessories.
1. 16/10/8/5 pair LSA disconnection & connection module.
2. 10 pair LSA-PROFIL disconnection & connection module.
3. 10 pair (PROFIL) switching module.
4. 10 pair LSA-PLUS NT module.
5. 2/3 pole Arrester magazine for 8/10 pair disconnection module.
6. Back mount frame of 10 pair krone module.
7. Label holder for back mount frame of 10 pair krone module. .
10 pair profile connection module^$^#10 pair earth connection module^$^#10 pair LSA PLUS NT module^$^#10 pair switching module^$^#8 pair disconnection module^$^#

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