30 / 50 / 100 pair indoor distribution box

Product ID: JA2051

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1.Can be mounted with LSA-PLUS 10 pair disconnection or connection module.
2.Dustproof box suitable indoor wire distribution.
3.Material of house;ABS fire-resistant.
4.Including stainless steel mounting frame,but modules to be ordered separately.
we can manfacture indoor and outdoor distribution box.
1. 10/20/30/50/100 pair indoor distribution box for 10 pair krone module.
2. 50/100 pair krone module connection box (251A/301A).
3. 30/50/100 pair outdoor distribution box for 10 pair krone module.
4. 1/2/4/10 pair distribution box for drop wire connection module (STB module).
5. 5/10/20/100 pair distribution box for rotation module.
distribution box for LSA module^$^# distribution box for STB module^$^#Outdoor distribution box^$^#
for LSA module^$^#

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