50 / 100 pair krone connection box

Product ID: 251A/301A

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1.The connection boxes loaded with LSA Modules. Used to provide transition point so that outlet positions can be moved frequently and efficiently without disturbing the horizontal cabling.
2.Including stainless steel mounting frame, but modules to be ordered separately.
3.The cover is secured by large head quick release screws. Supplied with 4 jumper rings and
earth post.

1.Material of Plastic Parts: ABS-Fair-Resistant.
2.Material of back mounting: 1mm thickness Stainless steel
50 pair : 208*157*90 mm .
100 pair : 320*209*122 mm.
50 pair distribution box for BT^$^#100 pair BT style distribution box^$^#500 pair indoor connection box^$^#
terminal box for LSA module^$^#

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