Telephone line wireless extension (voice and data) - long range coverage

Product ID: WITEL-300Data

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Telephone line wireless extension provides communication to remote stationary objects - 30-50 km - without laying fixed telephone line cable. The set includes: base and remote station. To base and remote station you may connect antennas: A2D yagi antenna (Point-to Point) or collinear antenna (Point-to-Multipoint) WITEL - 300 DATA provides: - connection of any telephone set, fax machine, modem, mini-PABX to the remote station; - establishing of multy-subscriber system with tone extension dial for each subscriber (up to 15 subscribers); - data trasfer speed up to 33K; - 100% protection from unauthorized access. Effective noise reduction system. Telephone line parameters correspond to international standards.
Long range WLL^$10-70 km range^#

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