PP,PE, PVC, PET Waste Scraps Pelletizing & Recycling Plant

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We have equipment that is used to convert recycled pet flake into pellets. PPLLC's capabilities include drying, extruding, and underwater pelletizing flake to provide a pellet feedstock for further processing.

This unit (pet) recycling and granulation line include the pre-crystallizing and heating system before extrusion and pelletizing to increase the molecular weight, the output of recovery granules is from 100kg/h to 600 kg/h. Meanwhile, we could design and build all series of system for reclaiming & palletizing according to the request from different pet recyclers.

The two types pelletizing system for pet scraps include:

A. Water ring pelletizing extrusion line with underwater cutting unit.

B. Water cooling strand type pelletizing system
1 set of pumping feed
1sets of hopper drying
1 sets of parallel twin-screw extruder
1 set of cooling water trough
1 set of strand pelletizer
.Concise design, high stability

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