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PEVA adhesive plaster mainly is made from PE and EVA. You can manufacture it on different fixing proportion beside whole PE or EVA.

◆ Properties:
1. Environmental protection:
It does not pollute the environment when handle its waste material (burn or bury), which applies for any country in the world under the environmental protection is guaranteed.
2. No toxicity: The raw materials not contain any heavy metal(lead and cadmium), so it is innocuous.
3. Weathering Resistance: Can apply for the climates in any area of the world keeping its origin characters; PE can resist the cold weatherunder -32℃ and -80 ℃ to EVA.
4. Light: The density of PE is about 0.923, which is lighter than PVC. So its product is lighter than from PVC.
5. Printable: With good quality and is printable. However the (PE or EVA solvent and printing ink) is required.
(Its printing character differs from of PVC, which shows the frontispiece or backpiece is required when print)

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