RGZRJ-FB Non-standard Series Vacuum Emulsifying machine

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RGZRJ-FB Non-standard Series Vacuum Emulsifying machine is homogeneous equipment designed for customers based on the art and production demand. It is a shear mixing machine that combines high-speed emulsion and mixing, the device is widely used in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, fine chemicals, dairy foods industry, its main function is to make neutral particles or fibers. Through a special cut, changed into smaller molecules in order to meet the technical requirement. The particles are very small through High-speed operation; the effect of emulsion depends on the quality of its preparation phase, the particle size and method of spreading. The smaller of the particles, the weaker of the trend of gathering on the surface, so as to reduce the damage rate. Through the mixed movement of the pros and cons rotating blades, homogeneous and turbine vacuum, it obtains high-quality emulsion mixed effects.

Emulsion mixing tank (Main tank):
Working volume: customized according to the requirement. Liner material is SUS316L,
Inside polished:300MESH (health degree);
Jacket material:SUS304,
The design of pressure:0.3mPa, work pressure:0.1mPa;
Jacket material :SUS304, outside polished; all the welding line is polished after grinding,
The jacket use PU polyurethane foam liquid technology.
Heating method:electric heating, steam heating (optional)

Main tank mixing devices:
High-speed shear homogeneous emulsification:frequency control motor, speed 0 ~ 3200r/min;
Return-type box-shaped stirring paddle: frequency control motor, speed 0 ~ 70r/min;
Main tank nozzle:inlet nozzle feeding nozzle, vacuum suction, sterile breathing valve, Fog Lamp with endoscopic brush, temperature sensor, spherical washers, pneumatic discharge port, manometer, subpressure sensor and other devices.

Main components:Hydraulic system; vacuum system; electrical control systems.

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