plastic sheet

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These goods can be used in such areas as manufacturing household appliances, cars, motorbikes, electric equipment, bathroom fittings, water heaters, office facilities, food sanitations and toys. With all of our products meeting European food sanitary standards, we can also manufacture products according to your requirements. The materials used are to your specifications.
  • rubber sheet
    • Material:ruber ,silicone ,etc.
  • Size: to your specification
  • Features:
  • 1) Oil resistant
  • 2) Wearing resistant
  • 3) Acid resistant
  • 4) Alkali resistant
  • 5) Shock resistant
  • 6) Knock resistant
  • 7) Skidding resistant
  • 8) Applications:
  • a) Machinery manufacturing
  • b) Electric industry
  • c) Automobile manufacturing
  • d) Architecture industry

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