Roiscok Electronics Ltd
ROISCOK was founded in 1989. With a long-term strategy and rich experience in Security field, we focus on technical innovation and quality service which has been built into the aim of our company. We regard every customer as a partner, and devote to providing convenience, comfort, security and safety to all of you. Our mission is to be the best security solution for you by offering advanced & effective security products and service.

Catalogue: A. Control Panel
A1.RP205CN 5 Zone Control Panel

A2.RP208CN 8 Zone Control Panel
A3.RV2006V Voice Module

B. PIR Motion Detectors
B1.RK410PR PIR Motion Detector
B2.RK410DT PIR Motion Detector With Pet Immunity
B3.RK710PR PIR Motion Detector
B4.RK710PT PIR Motion Detector With Pet Immunity

C. PIR Ceiling Mount Motion Detectors
C1.RK2000DPR Dual Infrared Ceiling Detector
C2.RK2000DPQ Quad Infrared Ceiling Detector
C3.RK2000DPC Dual Infrared Ceiling Detector

D. Dual Technology Motion Detectors
D1.RK110DT Dual Technology,10M
D2.RK115DT Dual Technology,15M
D3.RK125DT Dual Technology,25M
D4.RK111DT Dual Technology With Pet Immunity,10M
D5.RK110AM Dual Technology With Shelter Immunity,10M
D6.RK115AM Dual Technology With Shelter Immunity,15M
D7.RK125AM Dual Technology With Shelter Immunity,25M
D4.RK111AM Dual Technology With Shelter & Pet Immunity,10M

E. Dual Technology Ceiling Mount Motion Detectors
E1.RK150T Ceiling Dual Technology
E2.RK150DT Ceiling Dual Technology
E3.RK150AM Ceiling Dual Technology With Shelter Immunity

F. PIR Curtain Motion Detectors
F1. RK308 PIR Curtain
F2. RK309 PIR Curtain With Directional Immunity

G. Wireless Series
G1.RT20 PIR Wireless Ceiling Detector
G2.RT30 PIR Wireless Smoke Detector
G3.RT40 PIR Wireless Detector
G4.RT90 PIR Wireless Detector
G5.RT43 Wireless Remote Control
G6.RT71 Wireless Door Magnetism

H. Environmental Detectors
H1.RV971A Vibratory Detector
H2.RV871A Strong Electricity Invasion Detector

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