Planetary Extruder

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Planetary roller extruder is used in various plastic productions and has an out standing ability in mass production. with interaction of rolling cylinder, planetary screw, main screw and 45 degreed helical gear, it can maximize the ability in mixing, revolving and melting plastics materials.

Planetary rolling extruder, which consists of specialized inner structure, is designde for low temperature molding to prevent the change of characteristic of plastics and could applied to various purposes.

It can be applied to various scopes like flexible PVC, semi-rigid foam PVC, PP, PE, coating materials, rubber and others.
  • Combination Action of Rolling ^$planetary extruder has 5 times more contact surface with resins and it can adjust the diverse, degree og gelling, holding time by changing the inner diameter of the thrust-ring
  • ^#Cost Reduction of Formulation^$The formulation like stabilizer and lubrication can be reduced by optimizing the heat as to increasement of the size of the resin, resulting cost reduction of formulation. ^#Self-cleaning Features^$In the words, the system has self-cleaning features and since there is no hold section, there is no danger of transforming the resin^#
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