High Frequency Welding Machine

Product ID: HF / RF welding

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High frequency welding machines are mainly for PVC, PETG, PU and other PVC compound. Output power ranges from 2. 5kw to 50kw to suit different welding area and applications.

Manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic machines are available to meet customers' individual budget requirement. Different models are available. Single head /double heads, with turn tables or shuttle tables, heaters are optional.
  • Model : KS-7000TFA
    • With autmatic feeding system and scrap material colletor . It is best for PVC welding such as photo album , business card holder and other stationery etc . Output power is 7kw.
  • Model : KS-4000T / KS-5000T
    • Enlarged lower electrode ,fully equipped with heater and arc suppressor . With double heads .Output power is 4kw,5kw .
  • Model: KS-4000TAS
    • With shuttle tables , built-in heater and arc-suppressor . Output power is 4kw.
  • Model: KS-8000T
    • With shuttle tables , heater is optional . Output power is 8kw. Best for packaging blister , file holder ,stationery etc.
  • Model: KS-4000TA , HS-14A
    • We provide Clamshell packagers and Blister sealers .with rotary table and built-in heater ,arc suppressor ,and voltage regulator .

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