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Sarswati Plastics is a custom manufacturer of quality polyethylene packaging materials for industrial, commercial and retail use. We produce thousands of bags daily ranging in width from 5" to 36" and in gauges of 5 Microns to 40 Microns. Large number of extruders operates 24 hours a day in our Biratnagar plant, with the added benefit of technical addups to help meet our customers' specifications quickly and effectively.

With the utilization of modern blending equipment, which regulates additives and color concentrates, we provide high quality bag colors and film characteristics such as slip and anti-static levels. Sarswati's expert staff can analyze your sample, select the proper resin, and custom formulate materials to your exact specifications with the use of additives, such as calcium carbonate, talc, antislip agents, anti-static agents and flame retardants. We provide prompt quotes based on precise specifications, which can be submitted using our online Request for Quote..

We also offer a complete line of unprinted polyethylene bags and roll stock.
  • T-Shirt Bags(Vest Type Carrier Bag)
    • These bags are made from virgin (HM-HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE) or recycled plastic.
  • Garbage Bags/Refuse Sacks
    • Garbage bags are made out of virgin or recycled plastic..
  • Others
    • Other Products being, HDPE D-cut Type Bags, Butcher Bags, Trash Bags, Plain Sheets, Tiny bags etc.

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