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We supply 4 wired + 4 wireless zone alarm system (Alarm Host Unit) with other accessories, e.g. wireless/wired PIR Motion Sensor, wireless/wired Door Magnetic, Vibration Sensor, Emergency button, Wireless Remote Control, Alarm Horn, Alarm Light... in one simple package.
  • DTMF online telephone alarm system^$It utilizes the DTMF network, and the alarm information can be received by the normal phone, or by alarm center. It provides 4-zone wire armed area, and 4-zone wireless armed area. It can register 8 wireless remote controls, and use the remote control to arm, disarm or alarm. It also can be connected with the ID card reader, and use the ID card to disarm or unlock the door. The alarm host machine could preset and store 6 telephone numbers (one for the management center and the others are including pager number, mobile phone number, or the telephone number). When one of the detectors has emergency, the alarm host machine will dial all the preset phone numbers in turn. Right after the user picked up the phone and heard the indicating music of the alarm, the management center will receive the same alarm message accordingly and saved the information, which help them to clear the emergency quickly.
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