Programmable Universal Counter 2.4GHz

Product ID: C3100

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Programmable Record (MAX / MIN): Records and displays the MAX and MIN values of the input freq.
Programmable Relative (REF / ERR): Displays Reference frequency and the deviation of the measured frequency from the reference frequency as a % error.
Programmable Compare (GO-NOGO): The LCD will display PASS if the input frequency is with in the HI/LO limits, LO if the frequency is lower than the LO limit and HI if the frequency is higher than the HI limit.
Frequency range: CHC: 2.4GHz (CHA, B: 120MHz)
Measurement: FRQ. A, FRQ. B, FRQ. C, Time interval, Totalize, Ratio A/B, Difference Freq. (A-B), Duty cycle and RPM
Resolution: 7 Digits
Range: Full Auto Range
Trend Plot: The REF is the centerline value on the trend graph, H/Div is the X axis (time) and V/DIV is the Y axis (amplitude).
Setup: Setting and functions may be selected and stored in memory from the front panel. Eight setups may be stored in memory.
Equipment: Displays information about your instrument including the Model number, serial number, Calibration date, GP-IB address and Firmware revision.
Remote Control: Function and ranges may be controlled from a PC via the RS232 or the optional GP-IB interface.
Display: 128 by 64 pixel Super Twisted LCD display
Power Source: May be used with any line voltages from 85V to 270Vac (?0%, 48 to 66Hz) without any internal changes
  • CE approved

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