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We produce Mini LED Neon-flex lighting,Bi-Color LED Neon-flex lighting, Soper Sizei LED Neon-flex lighting,Chasing LED Neon-flex lighting and RGB LED Neon-flex lighting,Icluding RED,Yellow, Orange, Blue,Green, Purple Etc.
Our LED Neon-flex Lighting have been exported to EU,Japan and North American, Souther Korea and Southeast Asian.We can produce the LED Neon-Flex Light that The IP Rate will be up to IP56. So that It can be used underwater.We have defeated the others' LED neon-Felx manufacturers in the 2008 Beijing olympic stadium project by our high-quality and reasonable price. If you want to know more about our Led Neon-Flex Lighting, Pls view carefully all information about our Led neon-Flex Lighting. You will be spurprised what We can produce.
LED neon flex lighting^$^#

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