EWF series Parallel shaft helical gear reducer

Product ID: EWF shaft gear

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Power: 0.12-200kW
Torque: 110-18000N.m
Efficiency: 4.3-273,imax:18509
Note: base type, flange type
  • Features
    • parallel shaft output, compact structure, transmission of large torque, smooth operation, low noise, and long service life.box.
  • Installation and output types
    • base type, flange type, small flange type, torsion arm type installation, and output through hollow or solid shaft.
  • Input types
    • coupled-type motor, input through solid shaft or by coupling flange.
  • Speed reducing ratio
    • two-stage: 4.3-25.3, three-stage: 28.2-273, and combination of EWF/EWR: 18509.
  • Average efficiency
    • two-stage: 96%, three-stage: 94%, and combination of EWF/EWR: 85%.
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