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GSM/CDMA Fixed Wireless PBX with USB Interface and RS-232 Interface
GSM/CDMA Wireless PBX adopts modulated design, 1 PBX has 1 external trunk which support 4 to 8 internal users, it can be cascaded up to 4 PBXs namely 4 GSM/CDMA external lines and 32 internal ports.

1. Supporting GSM 900/1800MHZ and CDMA 800MHZ, one GSM/CDMA relay (external port).
2. 4 or 8 analogical ports (internal lines).
3. 1 USB port for computer.
4. 1 RS-232 port for printer.
5. 2 Cascade ports.
6. 1 external antenna.

Function Features

1. Support of internal / external call.
2. Dial back while Busy / Call waiting / Call diverting / Request for connection / Call intercepting.
3. Call conference.
4. Connection with computer via USB port, to monitor the system in real time.
5. Billing for each internal line.
6. Connecting with printer via RS-232 interface to print simple calling list.
Network^$With one GSM/CDMA relay (the interface of exterior line)^#Ports^$Four or eight simulation telephone ports (users of inner line)^#Interfaces^$One USB interface connect with the computer; one RS-232 interface connect with the printer^#Antenna^$One external magnet antenna^#Input^$Input: 220V Interface: RS232 support^#
Support of Internal / External Call^$Dial back while line busy; Inner line communicatingExterior line communicating^#Request Connecting^$Call waiting, call transfer, call intercepting, call conference^#Network Connection^$Connect the computer through the standard USB port, monitoring the system^#Billing^$Charge for each port of inner line^#

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