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GSM/CDMA Fixed Wireless United Terminal with Wireless/Wired Switch Functionequipments designed by our company with new kind high science-technology. They totally applied the CDMA and the GSM network's features as fast linkage, high quality of conversation, clear speech, and the wireless roams etc.

1. Supporting all frequencies of GSM/GPRS/CDMA, and PHS 1900MHZ.
2. Incoming call Number Display.
3. Pre-set area code, IP number, Special service number, and any other head number.
4. Privilege setting for international distant and local call-in and call-out.
5. PIN code protection for SIM/UIM card.
6. Wireless and wired channel switch, supporting two phone numbers.
7. Indicator for signal, power and 'in-use' function.
8. Billing support.
9. Supporting external battery storage.
10. Supporting external switch for group users.
11. Internet connection (optional).
12. Network management function (optional).
13. G3 fax function (optional).


1. Simple operation as normal fixed telephone.
2. Rapid network searching, quick response for dialing, high voice resolution quality and harmless low radiation.
3. Adaptive to wide range of voltage with low power consumption.
4. Convenient installation on the desk or on the wall.
Frequency^$GSM/CDMA Mobile NetworkWorking frequency: GSM 900MHz,1800MHz,1900MHz;CDMA 450MHZ or 800MHZ or 1900MHZ^#Size^$Size: 185mm x 135mm x 22mm^#Weigh^$Weight: 400g^#AC input^$AC input: DC10V-20V^#Interface^$Interface: RS232 support^#
Function^$number of card of telephone to have that is offered by mobile network firms, realizing the local call, domestic and international call^#Wireless and wired switch function^$Can connect charging devices, support precise charging function^#Setting^$Pre-set the area code and IP special service number, add the IP number automatically while dialing the long distance call;Set all kinds of authorities about international, domestic and local incoming callsPre-set PIN yard protected function,

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