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1. The screen surface can stay discretional position because of advanced autolocking system. It is easy to operate.
2. Can supply matte white or glass beaded fabric, which can let you enjoy clear and vivid picture on the screen.
3. Streamline aluminum alloy cover has two colors-silvery and white-at your choice.
4. Gain: Glassbeaded (2.5), mattewhite (1.1)
5. View angle: Glassbeaded (35 degree), mattewhite (55 degree)
6. Size: 60*-150*, we can produce according to your demands.
  • Gain: Glassbeaded (2.5), ^$mattewhite(1.2)^#View angle: Glassbeaded (35 degree)^$^#Size: 60*-150*.^$we can produce according to your demands.
  • ^#
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