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Soft Neon LED will in many cases directly replace the hard glass Neon Tubing that contains banned , contaminants, and Uses Large amounts of Electricity
Soft Neon LED Flex^$Soft Neon generally contains 80 LED per meter, and will operate at 1/10 the electricity cost, while lasting a minimum of 50-75,000 hours.^#PVC Neon LED Flex^$This Product is smaller than the standard Soft Neon, and comes in 12,24 volt, and is Mainly used where small sign lettering is needed, and is also used for Automobile lighting, indirect lighting, underwater lighting, accent lighting, etc..^#LED Floor Tiles^$This product is used where the customer wants to enhance the floor, or room divider with beautiful LED Light of your choice, including the Red Green Blue, slow color changing. Discos, and dance floors, resturants, Hotel Lobbys, and foyers, as well as walk-ways, and garden areas.^#LED Light Bulbs^$These 60 LED light bulbs come in any color including white, and only consume 2 watts of electricity, while providing mercury free light for a minimum of 50, 000 hours^#LED window Signs^$These signs provide easy identification of all your business needs, including OPEN/CLOSED, Nails, Airbrush, Pizza, Deli, Cash Advance, OPEN 24 hours, you name it, we make it^#
  • LED Scrolling Signs^$This Product group includes all types of LED signs that are available from simple one line type, up to the Large Jumbotron Type. Any color, include Full Color RGB, with Video interface as well, and Portable Video LED Boards for your Favorite sporting, or policitcal event!
  • ^#LED Novelty items^$This includes, the Coke type flashing LED glasses, Flashing SUn Glasses, Coasters, Dice, and any item you could ever need for your Holiday, or party!^#LED Back Lights For Signs^$This Group is made up of the LED modules for sign illumination, that replaces the old fashoned Fluorescent, or Neon used in the last Century.^#LED Digital Tubes^$This is a very unique product used commonly for border lighting, that simulates the "Neon" effect, however with the new RGB LED Chips, it can show any single color desired, or any combination on colors, as well as act as an inexpensiveVideo Board when placed in close proximity^#LED Light Bars, Laser Light Effect^$These bars, are completely water proof, and when viewed up close, it can be seen they are individual LED bulbs, but from just a short distance away, they GLOW like the Brighter than any NEON Tubing, and greatly enhance whatever Border you use them on!^#
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