Self-Adhesive Vinyl, One Way Vision

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1. The adoption of polymer auxiliaries ensures PVC film's good elongation and weather-resistance performance. Besides, DPIflex's special workmanship greatly strengthens the ink absorption and printability.

2. Advanced imported solvent-based glue and superior coating technology guarantees DPIflex's self-adhesive vinyl stable in quality without glue remaining or peeling.
  • DT2000G^$Self Adhesive Vinyl
  • PVC Film(mm):0.11
  • Weight of Release Paper(gsm):140
  • Width(m):0.914-2.02^#DT2000M^$Self Adhesive Vinyl
  • PVC Film(mm):0.12
  • Weight of Release Paper(gsm):140
  • Width(m):0.914-2.02^#DT3000G^$Self Adhesive Vinyl
  • PVC Film(mm):0.10
  • Weight of Release Paper(gsm):140
  • Width(m):0.914-1.52^#DT30001G^$Self Adhesive Vinyl (Transparent Film)
  • PVC Film(mm):0.09
  • Weight of Release Paper(gsm):140
  • Width(m):0.914-1.52^#DT4000G^$Self Adhesive Vinyl
  • PVC Film(mm):0.10
  • Weight of Release Paper(gsm):120
  • Width(m):0.914-1.52^#
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  • DT5000G^$Self Adhesive Vinyl (Black Adhesive)
  • PVC Film(mm):0.13
  • Weight of Release Paper(gsm):140
  • Width(m):0.914-2.02^#DT6001^$Perforated Vinyl (White Adhesive)
  • PVC Film(mm):0.16
  • Hole size:1.6mm
  • Weight of Release Paper(gsm):155
  • Width(m):0.98/1.27/1.37/1.50^#DT6002^$Perforated Vinyl (White Adhesive)
  • PVC Film(mm):0.18
  • Hole size:1.6mm
  • Weight of Release Paper(gsm):180
  • Width(m):0.98/1.27/1.37/1.50^#DT6602^$Perforated Vinyl
  • PVC Film(mm):0.18
  • Hole size:1.8mm
  • Width(m):0.98/1.27/1.37/1.50^#BP800(Blue Back)^$Weight(gsm):120
  • Width(m):1.37,1.52,1.82
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