VOIP phone with built-in DHCP router, 2RJ45 ports

Product ID: VOIP phone IPT-1002

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VOIP phone: (1) SIP, IAX2 and T.38 protocol support. (2) 2 RJ45 ports (1 for WAN, 1 for LAN). (3) superb audio quality (4) built-in DHCP router.

Startcom VOIP phone, which adopts Infineon's VOIP solution of high performance, features superb audio quality. It complies with SIP, IAX2 and T.38 Fax protocol, and can be compatible with various softswitch systems and VoIP voice gateways. With built-in DHCP router, it can be acted as a router to connect with HUB or PC.
Support PPPoE ^$Support PPPoE (used for ADSL,cable modem connceting )^#Support major G7.xxx CODEC ^$^#

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