ceramic grinding media, ceramic kitchen utensil(ceramic knife, ceramic peeler, ceramic scissors), ceramic bearings, valve

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* High corrosion and wear- resistat and strong impact resistance
* Longer working life
  • Grinding Media
    • 1. Suitable for any kinds of mills such as micro-mill, attritor-mill, vibratory mill and ball mill to grind and disperse effectively and Economically the material of electronic slurry, ceramic powder, magnetic material, battery material, rare earthmaterial, nonmetal ore, painting, dye, ink, calcium, titanium, pesticide, Food stuff and medicine etc.
  • 2. TZP grinding media has high density and toughness and super hardness
  • 3. TZP grinding media prevents materials from being contaminated and chemical etching or short service life of the grinder.
    • Ceramic bearings
      • * Material: ZrO2, Al2O3, Si3N4, SiC, B4C
    • * Application: High temperature & high speed rotation field, aviation and airspace field, main shaft of machine tools etc.
      • Ceramic Plunger
        • * Zirconia material
      • * High corrosion and wear- resistat and strong impact resistance
      • * Longer working life than metal plunger
        • Ceramic valve
          • Has more corrosion & high-temperature resistant, widely used in delivery system for gas, liquid, high temperature steam of acid and alkali and mud fluid in petrochemical, metallurgy, paper making, power station, oil refining and so on. The valve is ideal succedaneum for titanium-metal valve and monel valve in strong corrosive circumstance.
        • *Zirconia valve have advantages of low cost, long useful life period.
        • *Made of zirconia ceramics with HRA higher than 87, so they have good abrasion resistance for high-speed fluid and hard particles.
          • Ceramic Liner, Tube, Rod
            • * Material: MgO ≥99. 5%
          • *Density: ≥2. 6g/cm3
          • * Application: For kiln and high temperture metal
  • Ceramic screwdriver
    • * Material: Zirconia
  • * longer life tips
  • * Anti-magnetic, insulated
  • * Heat-resistant and chemical-resistant
    • Ceramic knife&peeler
      • * Zirconia material
    • * Six times harder than steel so it never dulls
    • * Stays sharp as new for years
    • * Will never rust or react with food and will never alter the taste of your food
    • * Naturally non-stick surface
      • Ceramic scissors
        • * Material: Zirconia ceramic for blade
      • * longer life blade
      • * Anti-magnetic, insulated
      • * Heat-resistant and chemical-resistant
        • Ceramic plotter/knife
          • *Computerized sign manufacturing and other industries(paper Mat).
        • *Chip free polished edge can make cutting area super fine.
        • *Long service life blade.
          • Ceramic watch
            • * Zirconia ceramic case, ceramic band, sapphire glass,
          • * Ceramic writs watch has long-term color duratility
          • * Color: Black, white, pink, deep blue, especially purple can present various colors in different lamp-house
          • * 5ATM water ressistant

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ceramic grinding media, ceramic peeler(knife), ceramic bearings