High Speed Ampoule Printing Machine Production Line

Product ID: SK2000

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SK 2000 High-speed Ampoule Silk-screen Glaze Printing line combines advantages of printing lines both from home and abroad. It is especially fit for glaze-printing of 1mL、2mL、5mL、10mL、20mL and non-state standard ampoules in horizontal or vertical ampoule production. Clear characters, brilliant glaze, firm firing and bright color satisfy the requirements for ampoule printing.
Main Technical Specifications:
Functions Automatic bottle setting, printing, automatic raising knife in empty bottle positions and firing glaze.
Adaptable Specification Ampoule 1-20ml
Production Capacity Max.8500pcs/hour(Frequency control of motor speed)
Baking Oven Power Max.30kw or gas 4-6m3/hour
Motor Power 1.5kw,380V
Weight 2500Kg
Overall Size: (L*W*H)

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