Universal Solar Charger

Product ID: ST-9001

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Product Name: Solar Charger
Model Number: ST-9001
Place of Origin: China

Technical Parameters:
Peak power supplied by photocell: 1.54W
Operating voltage: 5.5V (max)
Charging current: 280mA (max)/3.8V
Battery capacity: 2500mAh
Output voltage: 4.5V-9V (adjustable)
Output current: 1A (max)
Output power: 4W (max)
Charging time: 8-10 hours (illuminating scope: 100mW /Cm2)
2-3 hours (indoor power: 5V /800mA)
Discharging time: 2.5 hours (the output: 5V /800mA)
Dimension: 137*79*24mm
Weight: 240g

Input interface: DC interface
Output interface: USB interface
Material: Plastic (ABS)
Intelligent LED display: 3 colored indicators (red, orange, green) for status of remaining power and charging.
Flash light: LED light of high brightness
Control switch: ON/OFF/LED
Output voltage switch: 4.5V/5 V/6.3V/9V
Application Scope:
It is suitable for most brands cell phone and electronic digital mobile equipment whose charging voltage ranges from 4.5V to 9V.

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