anti rob bag

anti rob bag

Anti-rob handbag , buglar alarm wallet

Product ID: LSA25

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security anti-theft,anti-loss,anti-rob handbag
1.Anti-theft and anti-loss:
Control by bag itself-- when the bag is robbed and the distance is over 8 meters, the bag will automatically siren with very loud sound and produce high electricity voltage around the bag so that the robber give up the bag and run away .

Control by yourself--a controller is offered together with the bag , you can control the situation of the bag at any time and place . For example, to produce electricity voltage at once by controller when your bag is robbed.

Burglar alarm wallet :
No matter what a thief take your purse , or you are not careful to fall off your purse, this kind of purse will alarm you in loud sound. Wherever the thief go, the sound will follow .
Strongly protect your property much more than common wallet.

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