Chunmee Tea

Product ID: 41022, 4011, 9371,

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Chunmee tea (41022, 4011, 9371 and 8147 ect) is the finest quality of Chunmee. The main markets are north Africa such as Algeria, Morocco and Mauritania. and west Africa such as Mali, Senegal, Gambian, Cote d'ivoire, and Niger, we can supply 41022 with old crop with stale taste.
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    • Art No.41022 is the finest quality of Chunmee Green Tea.The main markets are Algeria, Morocco,and Mauritania. And for Mauritanian market, we can supply 41022 with the taste highly appreciated by Mauritanain buyers, who require oldcrop with stale taste.We have the stocks for at least over 2 or 3 years.

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