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WSS double-metal thermometer with thermocouple and temperature transform &transmission apparatus is a kind of transducer which can display and transmit electric signal temperature on the spot.It can not only indicate the temperature but also transmit the signal of the themocouple and double wire system temperature transform & transmission apparatus.As a new thermometer,it can widely use in many industries such as metallurgy,petrochemical,electric power,spinnery,food,national defence,ect.
Thermocouple,double-thermometer or temperature transform & transmission apparatus is incorporate.
Be fut fir oerebbually work in execrable environment.
Remote transmission of the electric signal has high precision and stability.Also it can transmit by the double wire system form.
Improve the anti-interference performance on the process of long distance transmission.
  • Measuring range:-60℃-500℃
    • Display precision grade:1.5grade
  • Windage of remote transmission electric signal:
  • Transmission mode of temperatuer
    • Transmission mode of temperatuer transform & transmission apparatus:double wire system(4~20mA)
  • Minimum voltage of working power supply is 12V,the maximum voltage is 35V,rated voltage is 24V.
  • Normal working environment:

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