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The AX-ZL5 Medium Frequency Vacuum Casting Machine is a high-end equipment in dental laboratories. It is upgraded from the older medium and high frequency casting machines. This unique machine is designed and developed with our own patented technologies. It is now the only patented vacuum casting machine in China . The advantages of this machine are: small size, light weight, easy operations, no radiation, less electricity consumption and the machine can be used on electric outlets in general homes. As the vacuum and argon pumping processes are being done in an oxygen-free state, the integrity and the success rates are much higher. There are no holes, bubbles in the castings and they will not be oxidized, as a result improving the hardness and density of the workpieces.
Voltage: 220V/50Hz?0%
Power: 2500W
Centrifugal rotational speed: 500rpm
Maximum melting amount: 50g (cobalt-chrome alloy)
Melting duration: 30g ≤ 185s
Casting radius: 21cm
Casting method: Horizontal centrifugal casting
Cooling method: Air cooled
Motor power: 370W
Vacuum pump: 220V/50Hz, 120W, 1440rpm
Working pressure:-0.08~-0.09MPa
Vacuum duration: ≤1min
Dimensions: 68?4?1cm
Package size: 80?5?09cm
Weight: 120Kg

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