Polishing Lathe with Suction Box

Product ID: AX-J4

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The AX-J4 Polishing Lathe with Suction Box is for polishing and burnishing castings. It has the advantages of: low noise, high rotational speed, and easy operations. The machine has a safety protective device, lighting device and a vacuum pipe. The vacuum pipe can be connected directly to a dust retraction unit for dustless operations. The motor and protective device are embedded in this machine to make it easier to carry. The advantages of the suction box are: low noise, small size and strong vacuum power, and it is very easy to carry, operate and clean.
Voltage:220V/50Hz ?0%
Power:264W/364W (Two models)
Suction pipe diameter: 4cm
Motor rotational speed: 3000rpm
Dimensions: 62?1?2cm
Package size: 72?2?4cm

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