Vacuum Mixer

Product ID: AX-2000

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The AX-2000 Vacuum Mixer is an essential equipment for mixing and vibrating investment materials and molded materials. As the mixing process is done in a vacuum state, the workpiece is free of bubbles, and the firmness and compactness of the mold has also been improved. This machine uses a high class vacuum pump which gives it a longer lifespan. It has the following characteristics: high vacuum power, strong mixing power, adjustable vibration amplitude, no bubbles in invested casting rings, homogeneous, high density and high quality. The build-in vibrator makes it a multi-function machine.
Voltage: 220V/50Hz?0%
Power: 150W
Rotational speed: 320rpm
Capacity: 550ml/750ml (can be selected)
Vibration method: Stepless speed change
Dimensions: 33?0?3cm
Package size: 45?1?1cm

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