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Top Sky's PEX and PE-RT pipe is one of the most advanced plastic piping system. It's Made of Cross-linked Polyethylene (PEX) or Raised Temperature Polyethylene (PE-RT).Higher mechanical and chemical performance:1) More Hygienic2) Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance 3) Incredible Flexibility and unusual Toughness 4) Corrosion-proof and Scale-free 5) Easier and Faster installation 6) Available in long and lightweight coils and can be installed up to 100 meters without fittings Therefore, our Top Sky plastic piping system is not just economical but also has less possible leaky joints. 7) Working Temperature: from -40 to 90 degree celsius 8) Clean and Healthy, Widely used for carrying hot/cold water, potable water and under floor heating system Especially IDEAL for Under-floor Heating
Hot or heating water pipe(PERT)^$^# Hot or heating water pipe(PEX)^$^#

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