Santa Stocking USB memory disk

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- Compact and lightweight solution of mobile storage
- Capacity: 16M,32M,64M,128M,256M,512M,1G,2G.
- USB interface: USB 1.1/2.0
- Fast data transfer rate:
- USB 1.1: 1.1MB/s for Read, 1.0MB/s for Write;
- USB2.0: 11MB/s for Read, 10MB/s for Write.
- Hardware & Software Data Protection Technology prevent data corruption even if it is
powered off or unplugged during data transfer.
- Disk partitions and password check for security disk available.
- PC boot up as USB Zip Disk and USB Hard Disk.
- Auto run function, enable auto presentation of customer advertisement when plug
into computer.
- Windows, Mac and Linux compatible, without additional driver (except Win 98/98SE).
- Data retention: 10 years
- Accessories (optional): USB cable, lanyard/key ring, manual, driver CD.
Santa Stocking USB Memory disk^$^#

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