flashlight with radio

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Our flashlights key specifications are multi-functional and self-generator. they are combination of AM/FM radio, Audio-optic alarm, mobile phone charge for Nokia, ABS case with power Led light,waterproof.this flashlight can recharge any time and any where,because it has dynamo that can recharged by the hand wind without using pubic electronic or dry batteries , and recharged by the solar energy. So this flashlight is enviromental friendly and energy-saving goods , you never have worry about dead batteries or battery leakage.,so they are widely applied to the camping, travelling, vehical, short of energy condition and need back-use field. , For the detailed information, please note our website: www.xmdiming.com.
  • FM/AM Radio^$
  • Interphone
  • ^#Audio-Optic Alarm^$^#Charge the cell phone ^$^#Hand-shaken and Direct current powe^$^#
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