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Fuser Film Sleeve is one of my best sellers, high quality and low price. The materials of the products are introduced from the foreign country, such as: the outside layer is introduced from the DuPont USA, smooth glossy surface make it work well with the machine. And the second layer has good electrical and heating conductivity. And the length of the products is correct. Anti-broken, High-Temperature resistant, Good Resolving Power, Good Fuser result, long-working life-less 240mm, more than 40000 pages, resistant printing 500 Pages.

And we use exquisite plastic box package in order to protect the Fuser Film Sleeve and the grease is for free. Until now, we have tried to export some of them, and they have been accepted with high reputation.
  • HP^$HP5L/6L HP5L/6L/3100/Canon460/660
  • HP1000 HP1000/3300
  • HP1010 HP1010/1012/1015/1020/3015
  • HP1320 HP1160/1320/1320N
  • HP1100 HP1100/3200/Canon800/810
  • HP1200 HP1200/1200D
  • HP2100 HP2100
  • HP2200 HP2200/2200D
  • HP4000 HP4000/4050
  • HP4100 HP4100
  • HP4200 HP4200
  • HP5000 HP5000/5100/Canon850/910
  • HP4L HP4L/4ML/4P/4MP
  • HP5P HP5P/6P/5MP
  • ^#CANON^$NPFC220 FC200/210/220/270/280/290
  • NPIR2800 IR2800/2830
  • NPIR 2000
  • NPIR 2300
  • NPIR 3300 IR2200/3300
  • ^#
  • Features
    High Quality, Low Price^$^#Good materials^$^#
    • ISO9000

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