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For the Toner cartridge, we obey the principle" three paramount, one criterion", all the time, that is quality is paramount, consistency is paramount, stability is paramount. One criterion that is: place orders, production, shipment, and payment, every step will be inspected in order to guarantee the correct information to serves our customers more conveniently.

The drum of the cartridge is introduced from the Mitsubishi the only agent in China, the Toner we use the "COMMANDER" except the designed toner by our dear customers, even most of the parts especially the main parts, we all use the original ones, after production, we will inspect the quality through our test department, then it will go to the market. The qualified rate is more than 98%.

If you are finding the Cartridge supplier, please send me your information, I will talk with you about the more detailed information.
  • For use in HP^$HP C3906F
  • HP C4092A
  • HP C4096A
  • HP C4127A/X
  • HP C4129X
  • HP C7115A/X
  • HP Q2612A/X
  • HP Q2613A/X
  • HP Q5949A/X
  • HP C3900A
  • HP C3903A/F
  • HP C3909A
  • HP C4182X
  • HP C8061X
  • HP Q1338A
  • HP Q1339A
  • HP Q2610A
  • HP Q2624A
  • HP 5942A/X
  • HP Q6511A
  • HP 92274A
  • HP 92298A
  • HP C9700A Black
  • HP C9701A Blue
  • HP C9702A Yellow
  • HP C9703A Red
  • HPQ6000A Black
  • HPQ6001A Blue
  • HPQ6002A Yellow
  • HPQ6003A Red
  • HP C3960A Black
  • HP C3961A(71A) Blue
  • HP C3962A(72A) Yellow
  • HP C3963A(73A) Red
  • HP Q2670A Black
  • HP Q2671A Cyan
  • HP Q2672A Yellow
  • HP Q2673A Magenta
  • HP Q2670A Black
  • HP Q2681A Cyan
  • HP Q2682A Yellow
  • HP Q2683A Magenta
  • HP C4191A Black
  • HP C4192A Cyan
  • HP C4193A Magenta
  • HP C4194A Yellow
  • HP C9720A Black
  • HP C9721A Cyan
  • HP C9722A Yellow
  • HP C9723A Magenta
  • HP C9730A Black
  • HP C9731A Cyan
  • HP C9732A Yellow
  • HP C9733A Red
  • HP C4149A Black
  • HP C4150A Cyan
  • HP C4151A Magenta
  • HP C4152A Yellow
  • ^#CANON^$E16/E31
  • FX-2 FAX
  • FX-3 FAX
  • FX-4 FAX
  • EP-KT
  • EP-22
  • EP-25
  • ^#SUMSANG^$SF-1710D3
  • ML-4500D3
  • ML-1210
  • SF-5100
  • ML-1610
  • SCX-4100
  • CLP500 Color
  • ^#XEROX^$XEP8E P8E/P8EX/385/390
  • ^#RICOH^$FTZM-1 4000L
  • ^#
  • Features
    High Quality, Low Price^$^#Mitsubishi Drum^$^#Japan Toner^$^#Best Spare Parts^$^#
    • ISO9000

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