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Top quality, favorable price. good looking. good after-sale service
Highly Recommended!^$150cc/175cc^#Fuel^$Dual fuel system (Petrol/CNG)^#Speed^$≥60km/h^#Radiator^$Made Of Compound aluminium^#Net Weight (kg) / Maximum Load (kg)^$385/315^#
  • Engine type^$4 Storke,Water Cooled, Rear engine ^#Technology^$We employed skills, machinery &
  • technologies from 60 years experience in Bus & Coach manufacturing to make the product to perfection.^#Complete service & maintenance^$fully functional spare parts supply network ensure stability of the product.
  • We also have free repair & maintenance training scheme for your technicians.^#Advantages^$Rear Engine leave bigger space for CNG
  • cylinder, combine with unique complete automobile-like suspension system provides much smoother ride.^#advantages to hot regions^$Liquid cooled engine with extra large liquid container plus Bus designing unique
  • forced air cooling system ensure the engine is always working cool.^#
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