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As Southern China is becoming the centre of electronics components of the world, many design firms and Labs start to procure components in China now. TRONIXLINK provides wide range of semiconductors and components sourcing for companies in Europe and North-America, to help reducing the cost down.


At TRONIXLINK, we provide strategic operational services to companies in the networking, telecommunications, consumer, and medical industries by large. Having a strong network of global manufacturing facilities, TRONIXLINK delivers high volume, low cost, manufacturing capabilities for PCBs (rigid/flex), mechanicals, semiconductors, and optical components.
Throughout, we've helped OEMs maximize time to market objectives while minimizing procurement, material management, and manufacturing costs.


TRONIXLINK integrates quality ISO certified systems and leading-edge assembly and packaging technologies to deliver market-leading consumer electronic products. From product assembly through testing and packaging, TRONIXLINK world class SMT lines utilize the most advanced technologies in the industry including:
-Flip Chip technologies
- 0201 technology
- Lead-free solder technology
- Alternative PCB & Flexible PCB finishes
- Class 100 clean room facilities
- Integrated optical design & assembly

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