HL2010 Digital room thermostat

Product ID: 20052010

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HL2010 Series Digital thermostat are designed to on/off control fan coil, valve, dampers or electric heaters in Air-Conditioners and Heating applications. Models are available for 2-pipe fan and valve control, 4-pipe fan and valves control with Auto-Changeover, auto fan speeds control, modulating and damper control. The fan speed can be manually or automatically controlled by the fan speed pushbutton. There is a choice of running the fan continuously or cycling it with the thermostat. It operates 3 speeds fan with 220VAC, 110VAC or any other voltage power supply, SPDT or SPST Fan Coil Valve.
  • Parts sepc^$Sensor: NTC
  • Set point range: 5~35℃
  • Power consumption: < 2W
  • Power supply: any AC voltage
  • Accuracy: 0.5℃
  • Loading: < 200W
  • Dimensions: 86 X 86 X 13mm
  • Shell: Fire retardant PC ABS
  • ^#
  • Features
  • Display^$Luxury appearance with larger digital LCD display
  • ^#Fan Control^$3 speed manual/automatic fan control
  • ^#accuracy^$Temperature 0.5℃ accuracy
  • ^#Mode^$Cool/Heat/Ventilation/Auto mode selectable^#Optional function^$IR remote (optional)
  • Central communicating control (optional)
  • 5+2 or 7 days 4 events programmable
  • ^#
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