FreeGo VoIP Phone

Product ID: EIT100

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The U-COM Networks FreeGo Communications family extends telephony features and functions to the converged IP network. EIA (FreeGo gateway) is an all-in-one-box solution based on EIG/EIX softswitch platform, and easily connects to a converged IP network. This enables users to quickly and intuitively place phone calls. EIA can be managed just like any other network device, making it easy to perform telephone moves, adds, and changes using minimal staff, and reducing network administration expenses. Flexible and scalable, the media gateway provides the quality of service (QoS) required for voice, and the reliability needed for critical business processes. Intuitive, GUI-based configuration and management tools simplify and speed up configuration, management, and reporting on the network and phone system. U-COM Networks FreeGo Communications Solution scale to support up to hundreds of users at one or many locations by gateways stacking up.
Based on SIP^$^#2 Port Ethernet switch^$^#PPPoE dialing supported^$^#Wild range power input (150V-260V)^$^#
High voice quality^$^#Simple router and NAT function^$^#Firmware upgrade automatically^$^#

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