Media Gateway Controller

Product ID: EIX7100

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EIX7100 is a MGC, based on MGCP/SIP protocol.It interconnects FreeGo EIA series VoIP gateways to a circuit-switched time-division multiplexing (TDM) network, which offloads the signaling to an out-of-band network so that available bandwidth increases.
Based on MGCP/SIP^$^#19-inch standard chassis^$^#Hot backup supported^$^#
Support of FreeLinkTM technology^$It is not necessary to re-configure the EIA2000 when the IP and port of the system platform is switched^#Flexible configuration^$Flexible configuration of FXS/FXO incoming and outgoing services.^#Excellent authentication mechanism^$^#Abundant service kinds^$call transfer, dialing rule customization, and incoming whitelist control, etc.^#

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