Jack Gear Case

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Shenzhen Unisun Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is engaged in development, manufacture and selling of parts and equipments involved in precision mechanical transmission. The subsidiary factory of Shenzhen Unisun Powder Metallurgy specializes in powder metallurgic and machining gears made of various materials as well as worm wheel, worm, oiling-retaining bearings, structural fittings, hardware, etc. Our products are applied in fields of precision machineries, electrons, electric appliances, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, electrical tools, office equipments, communication, instruments and meters, toys, plastic, medical appliances, paper shedders, packing machinery, mechanical and electrical products for light industry, etc. Our transmission core for vehicle DVD, various gear-boxes, powder metallurgy gears, oiling-retaining bearings etc. are far exported to North America, Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East, etc.
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