Electro Valley Corp
Electrovalley Corp. was incorporated in Bandung since the year of 2000. As a middle player of the entertainment media we can solve your supply purchasing problems. For over 6 years, Electro Valley Corp has been supplying consumable computer supplies and equipment to commercial, Home appliance such Mp3 Player, Sony Playstation, xbox, Nintendo, Game Cube and lot of more of Games products.

Electro Valley Corp. has gained Local's market renown as an exclusive or privileged supplier of technology for the large electronic equipment manufacturers and has started subsidiaries
in Bandung, Surabaya and the Jakarta. The group has built an extended network of distributors
for its products in Indonesia.

Electrovalley Corp. has shown some very rapid growth in recent years; the company has become a
major player on the "Electronic equipment" market. For the coming years, the continued development. And after doing some planning and the research then at the end of this 2006 we meant to widen the network for overseas market.

As a result, each company or organization has to improve its information management and knowledge management strategies. To answer all of the needs ,Electrovalley Corp. has a human resources offer that has been substantially strengthened in recent years, the outstanding skills of its EDM specialists, the winning spirit of its teams; the Electro Valley Corp. management can be
confident for the future.

Our service is the best and we take RESPONSIBILITY for what we do. We have a customer service department. Commercial account customers get a personal sales-rep to handle their orders, inquiries and special volume pricing concerns.
Pick up your phone and give us a call..!!
Your personal salesrep will enter your customized pricing for larger volume orders into your company's profile, so you will no longer have to call to verify current pricing or search for your price. It will simply be available for you or your rep to look at at any time.

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