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We have successfully developed full range of AC fans with sizes including 60x60x30, 80x80x25, 80x80x38, 92x92x25, 92x92x38, 120x120x25, 120x120x38, 148x148x38, 130x108x38, 127x127x38, 162x150x55, 170x150x51, 脴172x51,脴222x60,脴254x89mm, to runs on 100~120VAC and 220~240VAC.
Our AC fans are available in ball bearing and sleeve bearing, wire type and terminal type. Some of these also available with plastic housing and metallic housing, as well as different impeller configurations.

Our DC fans are furnished in standard ball bearing or sleeve bearing models to run on 5, 12, 24 or 48 VDC with various size.

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