Product ID: VIE-05 (Nov. 2005)

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ECOTEL GSM (analog GSM gateway, fixed cellular terminal) allows reliable, cost-effective connections between analog landline networks and GSM networks (GSM 850/900/1800/1900/R). An ECOTEL GSM connected to a PBX enables highly efficient least cost routing. Further application scenarios are possible where there is no landline access due to a lack of time to install a landline connection, high costs for installation or highly mobile users (e.g. in office containers or on river cruise ships, barges and emergency vehicles). In these cases, ECOTEL GSM can connect complete PBXs as well as single analog phones and fax machines via mobile networks.

Further information:
Reducing phone costs^$=> between analog landline networks and GSM networks ^#Connecting mobile objects^$=> office containers, vehicles, river cruise ships^#

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