Product ID: VIE-03 (Nov. 2005)

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ECOTEL VoIP provides direct and reliable connections between IP, ISDN and GSM networks. The gateway (VoIP GSM ISDN gateway, fixed cellular terminal) thus allows users to significantly reduce phone costs, especially for calls from IP to GSM. The number of GSM channels is scalable in steps of two up to a total of eight. The GSM modules are compatible with all types of GSM networks (GSM 850/900/1800/1900/R).

Potential applications range from integration into an existing VoIP infrastructure and connection of mobile offices all the way to distributed installations with multiple gateways and common configuration software.

ECOTEL VoIP allows SIM management: The gateway can switch from one SIM to another so the customer is able to use up to eight SIM cards per channel. Additionally, it is possible to integrate ECOTEL VoIP with the ECOTEL VTM SCS (SIM Card Server) using up to 1,024 SIM cards.

Further information:
  • SME market^$=> For small- and medium-sized companies
  • ^#Reducing phone costs^$=> For companies with large volumes of mobile radio traffic^#Cost-effective connections^$=> Least cost routing (LCR)^#Intelligent SIM management^$=> SIM switching and SIM server integration^#
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